The Day in the Park (DITP) model is a community-level outreach event that can easily be duplicated by churches that have a heart for evangelism and want to engage the surrounding neighborhood. The purpose of DITP is to provide a platform for a church congregation to build relationships with the community that sits right outside the walls of our churches unreached.

It is the means to build a bridge, tear down negative perceptions of the church, and to demonstrate the love of Christ to your neighborhood.

The DITP Event manual lays out the mechanics learned from hard-knocks experience, but the structure is flexible and should be customized for your needs.

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Alpha Hayward
Because of Alpha's strong passion to see people saved, he has been a part of many outreach events inside and outside of the local church and still continues to serve in this way today. Such outreach events include: Spirit on the Mountain, Innovative Evangelist Conference, RAW, One Youth Rally, United Night of Worship, Portland City Fest, Back 2 School Bash, CityTakers, and Day in the Park. One of the things that Alpha likes to say is, "I'm an evangelist trapped in a pastor's body." This is because Alpha believes that the church of Jesus Christ needs to respond to the need of reaching lost souls. It's about Evangelism and Discipleship flowing from the local church.
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