We believe that the next generation—the children being raised right now—can change the world. They matter—to God, to you, and to us. Children are wide open to the good news of Jesus, who said “let the children come to me.” Parents have the privilege of leading their children to the Lord, and then modeling for them what it looks like to live as a disciple of Jesus. Listen to Phil Comer share why it’s time to re-think and re-focus on Children’s Evangelism.

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Phil and Diane Comer founded Solid Rock Fellowship, A Jesus Church (now known as Westside: A Jesus Church) in 2004, a church filled with young families in Portland, Oregon. After years of serving in a lead role, they went on to co‐found Intentional Parents International. Through conferences, podcasts, a book, and other means they seek to bring biblical hope and practical help to parents in their God‐given task of raising the next generation of all‐in passionate Jesus followers. Phil and Diane have been married for 41 years and have four married children and seven grandchildren. Having met and fallen in love in California, they currently make their home in Portland, Oregon.
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