Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” and yet in today’s culture Jesus is often relegated to one of the many gods and options in a spiritual smorgasbord. How do we talk about the uniqueness of Jesus? How do we introduce people to Jesus? How do we speak about the one true God? Carrie Headington addresses these questions and more.

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

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Carrie Headington is an evangelist who has a passion to see people come to know the abounding, unconditional love of God. She speaks throughout the US and around the globe, sharing the abundant life found in Jesus Christ with spiritual seekers and Christians alike. Carrie is the founder of The Good News Initiative which provides resources in evangelism. She works with all Christian denominations and serves as Canon for Evangelism in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and Consulting Evangelist for Revivals for The Episcopal Church engaging in evangelistic speaking, apologetics, and equipping congregations to be the hands, feet, and mouthpieces for God in their communities. Carrie is a graduate of Yale University (BA), Harvard University (MA) and has two graduate degrees in theology, evangelism, and apologetics from Oxford University. Carrie is also an adjunct professor of Evangelism at Fuller Seminary, an author on evangelism, and frequent blogger.
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