Advance Groups

Evangelists Developing Evangelists

Advance Groups promote and develop the calling of evangelists through a commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel and the support of those who proclaim the good news.

Advance grew out of a vision from evangelist Andy Hawthorne (The Message Trust in England) to gather 10-12 evangelists to develop and sharpen them; to encourage other experienced evangelists to do likewise, with those being mentored to eventually take on groups of their own.

Is an Advance Group for You?

  1. Do you have faith that the gospel has lost none of its power, and is the only way by which a person can know true life and salvation?
  2. Do you desire to communicate the gospel with clarity, through personal conversations or preaching from a platform?
  3. Do you long for opportunities to offer an invitation to receive the hope of the gospel, and see people move into eternal relationship with Jesus?

Principles of Advance Groups

  1. Regular meetings.
  2. Creating opportunity for healthy dialog about evangelism, and a commitment to studying the Bible for a deeper knowledge of the gospel.
  3. Honest self evaluation through questionnaires and sharing within the group time.
  4. Keeping each other up to date with preaching engagements, prayer requests, and stories of salvation.
  5. A commitment to explore the idea of multiplication with a view to taking on your own group.