Are you frequently feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or alone as an evangelist? Mark Slaughter shares practical ways of being mentored and mentoring others, resulting in more people following Jesus.

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Mark Slaughter is an Evangelist and the Director of Evangelistic Partnerships for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. His twin passions are to communicate the Gospel and to mentor younger evangelists. Mark has served for over 30 years with InterVarsity proclaiming God?s Kingdom in a thoughtful, winsome, compassionate, and Christ-centered manner. Responding to spiritual questions, his unique ?Question Mark? open forums on college campuses combine the warmth of Christ?s love, the strength of Biblical teaching, and the openness of authentic communication about issues facing today?s culture. In collaboration with other ministries, Mark is helping to launch two new podcasts that focus on his twin passions of mentoring and communicating. Representing InterVarsity in partnership with other ministries, Mark is spearheading various initiatives for mentoring a new generation of evangelistic leaders through Leighton Ford Ministries, the global Lausanne Movement, the National Day of Prayer Task Force, and Arrow Leadership. Previously Mark coordinated Advance Groups in North America for the Luis Palau Association. Mark is a graduate of Taylor University (B.A. in Religion and Bible), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M. Div. in Evangelism), and Leighton Ford?s Arrow Leadership Program. Before joining InterVarsity, Mark served as an Evangelical Free Church pastor in the greater Indianapolis area. Mark and his wife live near Indianapolis.
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