Would you like to influence thousands – maybe millions – more for Jesus than you do at present … at little or no additional cost? Many secular media gatekeepers – if approached properly – will use credible Christian communicators as R/TV program guests, article interview subjects, or publication guest writers. Learn practical tips for securing gratis media exposure; getting on programs; preparing for your interview; communicating confidently and effectively to nonbelieving media professionals and consumers. Stories aimed to excite and inspire you to enlarge your borders.

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Rusty Wright is an award-winning author, lecturer, journalist and syndicated columnist who has spoken on six continents to university students, professors, executives, diplomats, military leaders and professional athletes. He has appeared on television talk shows in cities around the world and also trains professionals in effective communication. Rusty's material has appeared in mainstream newspapers across the US and has been used in any of 14 languages by over 1,800 websites. He holds Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford universities, respectively.
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