Tim Robnett from Amplify 2018

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Tim Robnett
Tim Robnett Ministries is about communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in as many places and ways that the Lord allows. Primarily our focus is to identify, affirm, train and network evangelists worldwide. This happens through the network of ministries that Tim Robnett has made over the last 35+ years of ministry. The NEED for identifying and affirming evangelists around the world is tremendous. Billy Graham has often said, "Evangelists often give up after 10 years of ministry because they are so discouraged." After 20 years of direct ministry with preaching evangelists worldwide I can confirm that quote. So I am directly focusing my ministry on this group of God's servants, the evangelists. Often the evangelist is on the verge of giving up because they are overwhelmed with the need, over-worked, or under-resourced. The lack of resources includes biblical training, supportive mentoring relationships, and not understanding the network of relationships that multiply their resources.
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