Burnout by Building Sustainable Ministry Practices

Many of us feel on the edge of burnout or perhaps even over the edge. Statistics say this is a common problem, and most of us know pastors, missionaries, or evangelists who have burnt out due to unsustainable behaviors and practices. In “Sustainable Ministry,” listen to Rick Coulson explore how to combat the false thinking, attitudes, and physical habits that lead to burnout and replace them with those that lead to maximum impact over a lifetime.

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Rick Coulson is a Senior Fellow in Intel’s Non‐Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), leading the technical vision for Intel’s SSD business. At Intel, Rick is known for encouraging sustainable careers and for advocating servant leadership. Rick has been married to Cathy for 35 years. They have two grown children, Ryan and Cara. Rick is an Elder at Cedar Mill Bible Church in Portland. He serves on the boards of Co‐Serve, which develops servant leaders around the world, and the Palau Foundation. He is an avid instrument rated pilot and enjoys developing future leaders in business, technology, and the church.
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