The City Gospel Movement Team at The Palau Association has spent the last year conducting research on evangelism in cities. They have uncovered a deep desire in city leaders to explore ways to elevate evangelism in their unique city context. Listen to Stephanie Wieber facilitates a conversation that will help you learn how to partner with cities around the country to further evangelism. There is a community of leaders in cities waiting for you!

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

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Stephanie Wieber has a passion for progress. In her 15-year corporate career, Stephanie enjoyed the fast paced product development environment of tech start‐ups. During the last six years Stephanie has thrown herself into her kids’ school and community in an effort to improve public education. Through this journey she found that Jesus was in her public school far more than she could ever imagine and was calling her into a greater story. Today, Stephanie is the Director of the City Gospel Movements Team at The Luis Palau Association. This current position allows Stephanie to blend her former corporate experience with her passion to see the Church united in communities all over the world. Stephanie and her husband, Kelly, live in Portland, Oregon with their three kids. Stephanie enjoys riding her bike, skiing, and has a goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.
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