With mobile devices in hand, the average person scrolls their news feeds roughly 72 feet per day and consumes upward of 5.7 words per second. As a ministry, how can we stand out amidst so much information? A part of the solution can be found in putting the social back into social media. Join Gunnar Simonsen in this workshop to basics and discuss what people really want and how you can stand out in the crowd. We can always discuss how to use social media, but do we remember why we are using social media?

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

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Gunnar Simonsen has spent the better part of the past decade coaching on best practices for social media. He has taken his message to places such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Dubai, and Lebanon, as well as various cities across the United States and Canada. Gunnar’s unique perspective on social media make his approach accessible to both experienced and novice users alike. Over the years, his clients have organically reached hundreds of millions of people by using social media to effectively share their stories.
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