To some entrepreneurs, social media is the next big thing. Critics say it is destroying the fabric of society. Regardless of what you believe, it is here to stay. Listen to Darren Johnson share about how to use digital communication to grow ministries and to share the love of Jesus with the world.

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

Digital Strategy Growth Tips

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Darren Johnson Darren Johnson helps businesses and nonprofits enhance their online presence with proven growth strategies. He is continually trained through his relationships with companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and others. He understands how important it is to be effective in the digital world, and helps businesses and nonprofits navigate success both on and off the web. He is a tenacious advocate and consultant for nonprofits and ministries, utilizing 15 years of strategy development. His heart is to use these tools to reach more people for Jesus. Darren lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his family.
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