God’s call to us as His faithful followers is to be involved and intentional in what He is
doing to save others, too. As we rely on God’s mercy towards us day by day, we are also
called to be agents of grace in the world. This is the joy of evangelism!

But how might you go about evangelizing? Sometimes we don’t even know where
to start. One of the most important ways you can grow is to establish a deeper
understanding of who you are, your personality type and style, your natural orientation
towards other people and life, and perhaps your personal preferences. Understanding
yourself more deeply will empower you to share the Gospel of Jesus with others in a way
that comes more naturally to you.

This booklet goes into more depth about the results of our quiz. Haven’t
taken it yet? Take the quiz now and then come back here to better understand your evangelism type and
become more aware of how to better share the Gospel with others in
a way that fits you.


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Heather is the Operations and Events Manager for the Global Network of Evangelists
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