Luis Palau has remarked that most evangelists tap out after 5 years. Leadership guru Bobby Clinton claims that less than 20% of Christian leaders finish well. How can we as evangelists stay the course over the long haul? How do we navigate the inevitable challenges  across a ministry marathon and stay spiritually fresh? Bill Hogg shares how to pace and position yourself for the long haul. Rekindle your joy …

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Bill Hogg
Bill is a former radio host and has served as a a pastor, professor, evangelist and a movie extra! He was involved in pioneer evangelism in his native Scotland where he launched Youth For Christ. He has served as part of the Arrow Leadership Ministries faculty for the past ten years, offering congregational and Para-local church leaders training in evangelism. He is currently pursuing doctoral research in the area of leadership approaches to congregational renewal and missional renaissance.Hogg is a published author who has written books on prayer and on youth culture and is currently writing an evangelism primer for leaders.
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