Does God really exist? Why am I here? Who is Jesus?

People are searching for answers to their spiritual questions. Even mature Christians can sometimes feel overwhelmed walking through the simple tenets of the Christian faith with someone who is seeking. Christianity Explored Ministries has designed material specifically to meet this need. As their website says, “The best way for people to discover the good news about Jesus is by opening the Bible together.”

The Explored Series (Christianity Explored, Life Explored, Discipleship Explored) offers an effective way to share the Good News in a clear and straightforward small group study format. The setting is flexible, but the material is Scripture-centered, guiding participants through the basics of the Christian faith.

As evangelists, we are well aware of how crucial effective follow-up is after an outreach event. The Explored Series is a great resource to put into the hands of local churches and parachurch ministries, or to use in your own ministry as you have opportunity. Check out the Explored Series course overviews here.

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