Bill Dolan of Spirit Media will provide a presentation of “The Seven Disciplines of Relational Marketing.” In this session, you will learn how your organization can apply the most powerful marketing and communication principles in history, based on the life of Jesus Christ.

• Identify and build clarity around your markets.

• Learn the framework for the right messages.

• Discover the most powerful amplifier for growing your reach.

• Understand which methods will be most effective in reaching your markets.

• Recognize the key steps to market engagement and action.

The Seven Disciplines of Relational Marketing model provides a framework for revealing the practices of the greatest communicator in history. Jesus’ active “career” of just 3.5 years yielded a massive global movement that has continued through the centuries, reaching billions of people and it continues to this day. The principles of marketing that are demonstrated by His life provide deep insights that can transform companies and non-profits and yield outstanding results.

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