Dr. Bill Newman gives 5 dynamic traits of good leaders for today’s society. He points out Jesus as the supreme example of leadership. How great the transformation of society would be if we had leaders who followed these key principles! Watch the video and actively follow the steps to become a great leader – like Jesus.

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Bill Newman
Rev. Dr. Bill Newman Ph.D is a distinguished Australian speaker. He is a speaker who understands the needs of human hearts. He addresses the needs of the individual, the family and society. Bill speaks with compassion and yet is objective. His ability to communicate is such that people of all ages and walks of life readily listen to and find hope in his message. In his work with other leaders Dr. Newman has become a highly respected national statesman. He is honored by the endorsement of Prime Ministers, Government Leaders and Civic Authorities for his positive contribution to society. A family man, Bill Newman and his wife Dorothy live in Queensland, Australia. He has two married sons, and is the proud grandfather of two beautiful girls. Bill has an earned doctorate in the subject of Leadership.
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