We’ve posted many blogs and hosted regular online gatherings. The videos from our webinars are available on our resource page.

City Gospel Movements has compiled an amazing list of resources for the economy, mental health, and collaborative responses to COVID-19.

Hope with God has created a website to help people experience God’s peace and share the hope of Christ with our world. It features encouraging articles and videos from Luis & Pat Palau and Andrew & Wendy Palau. It also has gives people the opportunity to meet Jesus.

Link2Lift has started a series, Change for Good. They’ve shared resources and insights they’ve learned over the past eight years on the topic of change from their Better Teams workshops.

Mission Increase has great resources, webinars, and tools. They “help Christian ministries grow and more fully achieve their God-given missions by offering teaching, coaching, consulting, and matching grants rooted in a biblical approach to fundraising – all at no cost to ministries.” They’ve added fundraising resources in response to COVID-19.


Bayside Church hosted its annual THRIVE CONFERENCE online. It featured Luis Palau, Nick Hall, TD Jakes, Christine Caine, Lacrae, Nona Jones, Bob Goff, and many more! The main sessions are available at thriveconference.org.

Andrew and Wendy Palau, hosted a special online event in April called Reaching Your World: How to Share Hope During Social Distancing. It featured special guests, Francis Chan, Mark Mittelberg, Shaila Visser, York Moore, Mandisa, and Chris Quilala from Jesus Culture.

Scott Dawson held regular free Zoom Webinars. They’re available on their YouTube channel.

The Gospel Coalition released an article, 10 Ways to Thrive in Quarantine.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) has put together some great resources for this season.

Leighton Ford Ministries has encouraging blogs and resources on their website.

World Vision has great resources on their website and Facebook page. 

The Lausanne Movement posted an article, Leading with Hope during the Coronavirus Pandemic, on their website with encouraging words and resources.  

Rusty Wright produces short evangelistic and pre-evangelistic COVID-related articles for this season when digital outreach is the new normal. Samples: Managing Your Coronavirus Fears and Hoops Cancellation Withdrawal Disorder (a humor piece).

Christianity Today has a “latest resources on COVID-19″ page on their website.

I am Second created a Coronavirus Guide for Spiritual Health: 3 Steps to Stay Sane and Connected.


The UNITE714 movement is calling pastors, leaders, churches, and individuals from around the globe to join together — with one heart, one voice, and one prayer — to see COVID-19 halted, lives healed, hardships mitigated, people come to Christ, and a spiritual awakening among the nations. Each day at 7:14 AM and 7:14 PM, people will join together around the globe to pray the same weekly prayer. New prayer topics are sent each week.


Passion to Reach Ministries held regular webinars to help equip churches and ministry leaders in this season.

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes created free worship sets from their home for churches.

Churches Helping Churches is offering information, help, and an opportunity to give to small churches struggling to keep their doors open.

Life.Church has an extensive list of resources for church and ministry leaders.

The Billy Graham Center, in partnership with other organizations, have put together a website with resources ”to assist churches and ministry leaders as they prepare for and respond to the effects of the Coronavirus in their congregations and communities.” 

Wheaton College also has a website with resources for the church. 

The Bible Project has added a weekly email that provides a BibleProject video, along with suggested Scripture readings that focus on the ideas explored in the video. You’ll see suggested discussion questions for each Scripture reading to use for a group conversation or personal reflection. Their desire is to provide ways to generate Jesus-centered conversations at home while churches are unable to meet. Sign up for their email to receive the resources.

Churches That Heal is the culmination of Dr. Cloud’s life’s work and the next step in his desire to ensure the local church is the place where the hurting can find healing. His goal is to see the church as the place hurting people run to, not away from.


The Bible Quarantine Episode with Nick Hall

Greg Stier with Dare 2 Share Ministries has developed an app to help students share their faith. You Can’t Quarantine the Gospel is a video series designed to be an encouragement.

The Movecloser app is helping this generation move closer to God and others.

Help students with Bible listening and reading plans. Introduce them to YouVersion and Year of the Bible. They have a lot of time on their hands, help them nurture a God-perspective.

Dignity Revolution is offering their Dice Game for free, which is a creative way to help students share their feelings in this season.

FCA “Huddle Up” is a great resource for youth groups, campus clubs, etc. Also see FCA Virtual to assist youth leaders in creating virtual ministry.

Reach out to students who do not know Christ and encourage your students to do the same. Here are resources for virtual conversations about the gospel:

Connect students to videos and articles from everystudent.com and everyschool.com


Please let us know how we can pray for you by posting requests on our member forum, joining our prayer call, or emailing us.

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