This September the Global Network of Evangelists (NGA) will be enfolded into the Global Network of Evangelists (GNE) which will seek to expand NGA into a worldwide network of networks.  

Here’s the backstory: In 1998 the Luis Palau Association launched Global Network of Evangelists with the goal to mobilize and equip evangelists to reach more people more effectively for Jesus. NGA has grown into a fellowship of more than 800 evangelists and provides evangelists with practical ministry training, resources, community, and opportunities to serve together.  

We are in the midst of a dynamic movement of global collaboration in evangelism. For that reason, the Luis Palau Association is expanding the reach of NGA into a Global Network of Evangelists (GNE). We could not be more excited about what we believe this change will bring to evangelists around the world. GNE will continue the legacy of NGA to identify, affirm, mobilize, and equip evangelists while seeking to develop networks of evangelists in 150 countries. GNE will encourage the formation of evangelism teams in dozens of cities globally with the purpose to elevate evangelism in the local church and foster evangelistic partnership at the city level. GNE will create a worldwide grassroots movement to promote and develop the calling of evangelists by supporting and equipping them through small peer-mentoring groups known as Advance Groups. There are already reports of 250 groups meeting around the world. Working together with our existing members and partners, GNE will celebrate and accelerate evangelism globally. 

If you are already a member of NGA, you will automatically become a member of GNE once it launches and will continue to have access to great resources, personal coaching, and real relationships you can foster as we work together to share the Good News. Please stay in touch with us and be an active member as we proclaim one message in many expressions. 

We look forward to the next decade of evangelism and the many lives that will be brought into God’s Kingdom. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Desmond Henry or the GNE staff.

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