Erase the Fear of Fundraising From Your Script

Is asking for money awkward? Are your relationships with donors strained? Is fundraising the last thing you want to do? Perhaps it’s time you got a new script. Listen to Ron Frey share how you can reframe fundraising so that it becomes a joyful experience for you and the donor—and raise more money too!

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

Overcome Ask-a-Phobia

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Ron Frey is President of Frey Resource Group, a strategic and creative consulting firm that provides innovative fundraising services to nonprofit organizations nationwide. His clients range from local nonprofits to international humanitarian organizations in the fields of education, health care, social services, and community development. Ron has trained and consulted with hundreds of organizations on stewardship, leadership, marketing strategy, branding, and capital campaigns. He has served on several non‐profit boards including Portland Christian School and the NW Christian Community Foundation. Ron lives in Happy Valley, Oregon with Suzanne, his wife of 32 years, and they have three adult children.
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