This webinar will help you discover how STORY is essential in our Christian ministry approach to a postmodern secular world where stories drive everything. Kevin Durham, founder of This Is My Story Productions, shares about how you can use story in your multifaceted ministries, in everything from evangelism, to fundraising, to follow up and discipleship.

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Kevin Durham
As a college student in Texas, Kevin Durham was unaware of the journey that God was going to lead him on just a few years later. Finishing up his degree in Religion and Christian Life, Durham met Emily Copeland (a professional wakeboarder) and the pair got married in 2003. Shortly after, the two moved away from Texas and began to pursue Life together - both in and out of the wakeboarding industry. "One thing that we began doing together was having a church service at all of the professional events in the U.S. Pro Wakeboarding Tour," tells Durham. While they were seeking God on whether or not their call was to evangelize full-time, God soon opened a door for Kevin to work at a large company in Orlando that manufactured wakeboards and water ski boats. "Though I didn't have a degree in marketing, I did know a lot of people in the industry. I was offered the Team Managing position and it was amazing. I really felt like it was the calling of my life," he shares. "We had 14 professional wakeboarders and 13 professional water-skiers on our team. The best part was that through all of the promotions, events and marketing, I was still able to do Life."
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