In this workshop, Dr. Bob Boyd, will share about the importance of discipleship and evangelism. The first job of the evangelist is to tell people about Christ, but the responsibility of the evangelist is more than communicating the message. Leaving follow-up to the local church alone does not ensure we will make disciples. City-wide outreaches are made so much more effective when discipleship programs are employed. With this simple addition to your outreach, the fruit will be multiplied dramatically.

This was one of the workshops at the Connect PDX Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2019.

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Bob Boyd, Jr. is an international evangelist and president of New Fire for Christ. Dr. Boyd has spoken to millions of people around the world directly and on TV, and as a result, many tens of thousands have come to Christ. First a pastor, Bob later became the president and founder of New Fire for Christ. It has been said that Bob has spoken to more college students about Christ than anyone else in America. Bob and his wife, Mallory, along with the New Fire for Christ team have planted more than 45 churches and discipled tens of thousands of students in ten countries around the world, including the US.
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