Since The start of the HowToLife Student-led Movement four years ago, we have had the opportunity to see God do amazing things. Hundreds of teenagers have learned to lead and take a stand for Jesus. These experiences raise an important question: How do we share what God has done with others?

One of the most important jobs as a leader for Jesus is to share how God is moving. We live in a noisy world— focused on things other than Jesus. For many Christians, God is only experienced at church or at a Christian camp. When it’s over their lives are disconnected from the power of God.

People often think God only did miracles “back in Bible times” and is not active today. For those who witness God’s miracles today, we know this is far from the truth! Everyone who experiences God has a responsibility to share His greatness to encourage all believers; to stir them up to lead for Christ and experience God’s miracles happen for themselves!

If this is such an important responsibility, how do we do it?

First, we must have a proper understanding of how God is active through His people. As evangelists we share the Gospel. When people respond, we see God use His servant to touch hearts with the Good News of Jesus. The role of the evangelist is to be a willing vessel to share the hope Jesus brings.

In Ephesians 3:20, Paul says, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” It’s not in our own power by which people are saved, but it’s by God’s power and Spirit working in and through His people. Put simply, we must share about what God is doing through us to reach others for Him.

Next, believers must share simply and effectively about what God is doing. The process of God impacting lives is both infinitely complex, yet simple enough that a child can understand it. We must be bold and clear in the way we share about our faith in a loving God. We must be quick to help others rejoice in what God is doing in the lives of people who were once hopeless, lonely, and anxious. The simple Gospel of Jesus and His transformative power must be shared with others.

More believers must be invited on this journey of sharing with others everything God has done and will do in their lives. We must help one another, especially young people, see God in action. When others see God working in and through believers’ lives they will recognize that living casually for Christ isn’t a real reflection of the amazing things He can do when we are bold and dedicated to the cause of Christ!

Time is short. We must work hard to see many find the hope that Jesus offers and to help other believers step up and join in the Great Commission!

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As a member of Generation ?Z?, Jordan is uniquely positioned to impact his Generation with the Gospel. Jordan has grown up in a multi-generational ministry family. He is a graduate of Liberty University, with a Bachelor?s in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies, and is an ordained reverend. As a frequent speaker at churches and conferences, Whitmer challenges both young people and adults to join Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission. He has been the subject of numerous local and national media appearances for radio, television, and print. Jordan is passionate about mobilizing student leaders around the world to impact their generation for Christ. He travels frequently, and can often be seen at Starbucks mentoring and encouraging young people to boldly lead for Jesus.
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