NGA Cabinet Member York Moore introduces the SPREAD technique of calling for a decision for faith in Jesus. In this video he shows how to apply this technique using a message where over 70 people responded to the call to faith.

SPREAD stands for:

  1. Set Toward action
  2. Preparing the atmosphere
  3. Re-articulating the Gospel
  4. Explaining what’s happening
  5. Announcing response time
  6. Decision time!

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R. York Moore serves as National Evangelist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, artistically gifted speaker, revivalist, and abolitionist. He is the author of "Do Something Beautiful: The Story of Everything and a Guide to Your Place in It", "?Growing Your Faith by Giving it Away" and "Making All Things New: God's Dream for Global Justice." R. York Moore became a Christian from Atheism while studying philosophy at the University of Michigan. R. York Moore has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives in the Detroit, MI area with his wife and 3 kids.
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