Emmanuel Kwizera re-thinks Evangelism Strategy amidst Covid-19 and Beyond with a focus on Home Based Evangelism (HBE).

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Emmanuel Kwizera
Born in a Christian family in Rwanda, his father was a Presbyterian pastor and church planter there. His mother, an elder and preacher in the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda, founded a children?s ministry called Mwana Ukundwa (Beloved Child). During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Emmanuel lost over 100 close family relatives. In 1998, following a period of great confusion after encountering such suffering, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and began a journey of healing and forgiveness. God called him into the ministry in 2000 as an evangelist. From 2007 to 2015, Emmanuel worked with African Enterprise Rwanda as Missions Director before shifting to Nairobi for his present assignment. He is pursuing an MA in Organizational Leadership at African International University (formerly NEGST).
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