I get asked all the time if big “outreach events” are worth the cost?

The logic usually goes “it used to work but doesn’t anymore,”and “when you look at the costs, they don’t produce lasting fruit.”

I disagree. These are loaded statements full of assumptions.

Here’s why:

1) The Good News of Jesus is always worth talking about.

There are lots of ways to do this. One-on-one, in small groups, through media, etc. We need more opportunities, not fewer.

Rather than looking to what’s more “cost effective” (a loaded phrase that is impossible to honestly determine) focus on the many ways God has opened for us to share His love.

In other words, if Jesus isn’t leading YOU to do something large… great! (It’s harder and less glamorous than it looks.)

Obey God’s leading and pray for those called to share in different ways.

2) The Good News belongs in the public square.

There are people who won’t or don’t go to a local church. Large events give them the chance to investigate faith on neutral ground. That’s a good thing.

3) The Good News will produce fruit in time.

We have no idea what God is doing in each individual as they encounter the Message at an event.

It might be a new idea for some. It might become more clear for others. It might confirm what they’ve heard elsewhere. And for some, an event is the “link in the chain” of events that causes them to respond in faith to Jesus.

So, we need to spend less time looking at how many responded and remind ourselves that the Good News has an impact on everyone who hears it every time they hear it.

Let’s be patient. And prayerful. And full of faith for God to accomplish His work in ways we will never see.

4) We would do whatever it takes for the people we love to encounter Jesus.

Here’s a loaded and important question: “what if your ______ had a life changing encounter with Jesus at an event?”

Would it be worth it then? (Of course it would!)

I heard from a friend whose daughter took the next step to follow Jesus at Good News Today event after years of struggle. Prayed. Walked forward. Talked to our team.

It was worth it ALL for this ONE family. They are rejoicing. So am I. 

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Jose Zayas was first awakened to his mission to share the Good News as a teenager living in New York City. "In high school, I simply wanted my friends to encounter Jesus in a real way," says Jose. "Little did I know that God would open doors to allow me to share with millions of people around the globe in the decades that followed." Today, Jose is active in global mission- speaking at festivals, conferences, and outreaches across the United States, Europe and Africa through Jose Zayas Evangelism International. Jose is also committed to local mission- serving as lead pastor of 26 West Church in Portland, Oregon, where he is passionately helping followers of Jesus live on mission to their city.
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