We have all heard the saying that, “Many Hands Make Light Work.” When we band together we can create solutions for real social change, both locally and globally. Why working as a body, utilizing existing community assets, and celebrating our God-given diversity should be the new now.

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Brian Sumner came to America as a professional skateboarder, who while at the top of his game, was divorced and began to question life. God showed up, restored his marriage, blessed him with two more children and today he travels the world focused on Missions—Marriages—Ministry and as part of the pastoral/teaching team at his home church of Branches Huntington Beach.

Toni and Uli Frallicciardi co‐founded Christian Skaters International in 2003, a few years after Uli gave his life to the Lord at a local skatepark. That same year they served at Beachfest in Fort Lauderdale which launched their relationship with the Palau family, Livin’ It Alliance, and the Global Network of Evangelists. For over a decade, they served locally at Ramp 48 Skatepark at Calvary Chapel while working with their personal ministry to plant skate ministries and form a global network of skate ministry leaders throughout the world. In 2007 they hosted the first Skate and Action Sports Conference to equip and encourage leaders of these ministries. In 2014, they helped launch the ACTS global network of action sports ministries with a mission to connect leaders who are making disciples in all types of action sports. They continue to lead Christian Skaters, serve on
the ACTS planning team, and work with skaters and surfers in their local community.

Jonny Nelson, Executive Director at JSAW, has been working in action sports ministry since He has a Bachelor of Science in Youth Social Ministry and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Crown College. Jonny is all about Jesus, nonprofit leadership, and development related to action sports and youth. He also spends quite a bit of time working directly with riders: mentoring and teaching. Jonny is married to his beautiful wife, Brittany, and they live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with their kids Oakley, Holden, and Daisy.

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