As the Global Network of Evangelists rolls into its nineteenth year, I can’t help but reflect on the faithfulness of God over the last two decades. We have grown from a small group of evangelists in 1998 to an alliance of more than 600 evangelists, committed to seeing the Good News spread around the globe.

This is a blog written by evangelists for evangelists, so as you read posts in the coming months from NGA cabinet members, Palau staff and close friends of NGA, know that you are hearing from those who are in the trenches with you! I wanted to begin by sharing some of the lessons I have learned from Dad over the last 50+ years of ministry. Dad truly is a world-class evangelist. He is a man I respect and love. A man willing to go wherever the Lord may send him to share the clear Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who need to hear it. As you persevere in ministry, I thought these lessons may encourage you, as well:

  1. The Good News really is good news. As obvious as that sounds, as believers, we often don’t act as if it’s true. We often feel ashamed, fearful, or unsure about this message we have for the world. If it really is good news, we should never be ashamed about sharing it. I pray you never lose the joy in sharing the Good News.
  2. Boldness and joy count for more than strategy. Don’t get me wrong. Strategy is important. As an evangelistic organization, the Luis Palau Association spends a lot of time on strategy. But good strategy will never replace joyful boldness. Any strong revival throughout history has been marked by boldness and joy. Stay bold!
  3. Unity is a force multiplier. Biblical unity carries power. It comes straight from John 17. When we’re together in unity…focused on the Gospel…confidence grows, opportunities expand, and the world takes notice. I challenge you to also be one who stands for unity, who is willing to break down barriers, and who is excited about building bridges, especially with others who are passionate about sharing the Gospel.
  4. The Gospel in word and deed is always ideal. When we personally and corporately have the opportunity to live out the Gospel and share it verbally, the power that comes is truly God-honoring. Whenever possible, we must do our best to show the love of Christ while also communicating it clearly. Good deeds with clear words will change nations.
  5. We must stay committed to the long-term. Tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering the soil…it all takes time. Months. Years. Sometimes decades. That’s why we at the Luis Palau Association are always focused on long-term relationships. We work with cities for years. We stay connected long after a festival. Why? Because God does not always work on our timeline.

After nineteen years, I feel as though NGA is just getting started. The Lord has been so faithful, not only to the Luis Palau Association, but to you, the NGA family. We are always blessed to hear your stories as God gives you wonderful, inspiring opportunities to share His Good News with the world.

We go because there are still so many millions of people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission has not yet been accomplished. There are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas who still need to hear about their Savior.

As part of the NGA family, thank you for standing with us in this vision. God is using you, and we are excited to hear what He continues to do through you.

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Kevin Palau is president and CEO of the Luis Palau Association. Kevin joined the Palau Team in 1985 and began directing the day-to-day operation of the ministry in the late 1990s. Under his leadership, LPA has partnered with tens of thousands of local churches to produce large Christian gatherings in cities around the globe, including major evangelistic campaigns in Washington DC; New York City; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 2008, Kevin pioneered the Festival 2.0 model that includes a citywide service initiative preceding the festival event. Designed for long-term sustainability well after the festival, this service initiative also gave birth to Palau's City Gospel Movement effort which is now focused on celebrating, accelerating, and inspiring hundreds of Gospel Movements in cities around the world. Kevin's unique passion, and the focus of the City Gospel Movements Team, is to inspire leaders to keep evangelism as a central focus in their ongoing gospel movement. Kevin also helped develop Palau's Next Generation Alliance, which exists to serve up-and-coming evangelists through mentoring and equipping. The experience and resources that have grown out of decades of work with other evangelists have also helped birth a new movement, working with organizations around the world to create a global network of evangelists. Kevin holds a degree in religious studies from Wheaton College. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon near LPA's headquarters with his wife, Michelle. They have three grown children.
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