If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an evangelist. However, you may be the spouse of an evangelist and if so, you may have the frequent frustration of feeling like you just don’t get your partner. The burdens they carry, the drive which always seems to propel them forward (and maybe keep them on the road), and the crazy passion they have for the Gospel all seems great, but maybe just a little over the top?!

Hear today from Vicki Greene, wife of evangelist Alan Greene and also an evangelist in her own right. Vicki brings the unique perspective of an evangelist spouse, and she encourages spouses to understand the heart of an evangelist in order to better support their partner in ministry.

To be the spouse of an evangelist, you must understand the heart of an evangelist. The compelling call—the pull to make the Good News known to as many people as possible in the time the Lord has allotted—is real.  

Sharing the truth of the Gospel is a matter of urgency. Time is running short for the culture and time is running short for the perishing. One of the last words Jesus gave before He left this earth was, GO. Go and preach the Good News to the world. Evangelists take this call very seriously.

If you’re married to an Evangelist understanding the calling and the urgency is the most important key to being supportive; knowing the importance of WHY your spouse leaves the home, their loved ones, and everything they cares about to share this message. Once you understand the heartbeat behind the calling, it makes it easier to support the messenger.

What could give greater joy than knowing that you were a part of God’s plan in delivering a message of hope to a lost and dying world? It’s joy to see the face of the broken, hurting, lost, and downtrodden change before your very eyes. It’s joy to see someone for the first time hear that their sins can be forgiven by the King of Kings. It’s joy to see someone learn that the Redeemer of the world has come to set THEM free and they can have a personal relationship with the same God who created the universe!

Once we understand and believe in our own hearts that the calling of the evangelist is just that—a high calling—then as a spouse we want to be part of that call.  

The next key thing, then, is to join the calling. Whether or not you join with him/her on travels, you must understand that you are one – of one mind and one spirit. Once you have united in marriage, the calling becomes one calling. It becomes your calling together.

You will be the main support and influence behind the person. The prayer warrior, the encourager, and the helpmate. When your spouse travels, you are still part of that team. Phone calls and other communication will make you feel part of the team. Above all, however, prayer is the key ingredient to success in partnership. With much prayer and communication, you will feel as though you are present there, even if you aren’t able to come along!

Reading and meditating on the Scriptures regarding the Great Commission are good reminders of the confirmation of the calling (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 1:17, Mark 1:38, Mark 16:15-20, Luke 24:47-49, Acts 1:8, Romans 1:16). Praying for lives who have been touched from past encounters will also show your support. Journaling moments of joy, struggles, prayer needs, and answered prayer is one way I have found helpful to feel unified with my spouse in evangelism.

Understanding the heart of an evangelist will help you to understand the heart of your spouse. Together, you can live out God’s calling and see great impact for the Kingdom.

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Passion and enthusiasm for life best describe Vicki Greene. Regardless of speaking location or topic, Vicki is a captivating and endearing speaker to groups of women of all ages on a wide variety of topics. Her heart for the needs of women is obvious, whether with young moms, a small group of women in an African village, a festival of thousands, or one-on-one . You will be challenged, motivated and encouraged as she shares her heart and the hope found in Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Alan, are the Founders of LifeLight Communications, a global evangelistic outreach ministry located in Sioux Falls. Alan & Vicki happily serve as ambassadors for the Next Generation Alliance (NGA) a ministry of the Luis Palau Association. Vicki has a varied background from volunteering to managing a small business to ministry leader. Flowers, traveling, spending time with her family, and telling others about Jesus bring her the greatest joy. She is the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a grandmother to 5 amazing grand-blessings.
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