Mass evangelism.

Those two words can raise a person’s blood pressure a bit, can’t they? It’s either in the best of ways due to excitement for what God’s doing around the globe, or because one is a skeptic, carrying disbelief and doubt of its effectiveness. We are continually facing the brutal reality of evil, destruction, and the world’s desperate outcry for a Redeemer. I am convinced that mass evangelism prevails in today’s age as one of, if not THE, best way to spread the Gospel to the world’s lost souls. Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”  Implication: if it mattered to Jesus, it should matter to us!

When I ponder mass evangelism (why we do it and why it still works), I think of the word “GRACE” because it reminds me of the following:

1) God alone gives the gift. The office of the Evangelist is unique. The impact of mass evangelism is colossal to the establishment of God’s Kingdom. Not if (but when) your calling as an evangelist is dismissed or devalued by others, just know it is of utmost importance to the Almighty! Proverbs 11:30 declares, “For the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.” Our job is to engage our gift, grow in it, be teachable, humble and available for Him to use us whenever and wherever He pleases. The scriptures also say, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News!”(Romans 10:15).

2) Re-evangelize every generation. Our worldwide population continues to increase and a new generation is constantly coming of age. Think about it: I had my opportunity to receive Christ, my daughters had theirs, and now in the coming years, it will be my grandchildren’s turn. Each new generation needs an opportunity to receive the free gift of Jesus by hearing the same life-changing message in a relevant, fresh way!

“But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless someone is sent to do it?… The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached, there’s nothing to listen to.”

Romans 10:14-17 (MSG)

Mass evangelism means we preach, the Holy Spirit moves, and a legacy lasts!

3) Ask Him. Be a public and private worshipper of the Most High! We have unlimited, uninterrupted access to the Creator of the universe. Let’s tap in to His power, His strength, His resources, and His limitless possibilities. Ask Him to invade our space – to interrupt our plans and replace them with His! Speaker and author Beth Moore said it this way: “There are parts of our calling, works of the Holy Spirit, and defeats of the darkness that will come no other way than through furious, fervent, faith-filled, unceasing prayer.”

Friends, if we don’t have the Holy Spirit’s help in our outreach, we are wasting our time. We desperately need His Presence. Praying for Heaven to come down into our ministry invites the Lord into the driver seat! Only then can we have optimal understanding on how to reach a city in the most effective way.

Also, let’s ask Him to provide helpers to labor alongside of us (or to sustain our current helpers). This is so critical! We learn in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 that “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” Together, we reach more!

Lastly, let’s not forget to ask Him for inspiration. He can give us effective visual illustrations, applicable stories and scriptures, and passionate deliverance of the message. I guarantee He gives us better material than we could ever think up or deliver on our own!

4) Crowds draw a crowd. You never have mass evangelism without a crowd. And guess what? A crowd attracts an even bigger one. Secular media is always looking for the next noteworthy event. That creates an exciting opportunity to attract the un-churched so they can be open and receptive to the Good News.

Unbelievers may not be willing to set foot into a “church” building, but they will come to an event to receive free clothing, food and medical care or to attend a free concert. Can you guess what the #1 linguistic hook is in the world? That’s right… MUSIC! Music bridges the gap and unites people. It offers an incredible platform to proclaim truth. And when we meet physical needs, it allows hearts to be more receptive to the cure of spiritual needs.

5) “Evangelism is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” –D.T. Niles.

There is nothing more powerful, when evangelizing, than sharing your testimony with others. Have you been delivered and redeemed from an addiction? Did you grow up in a broken home? Have you been crushed by the reality of losing a loved one? The thing about brokenness is everyone can relate to it and we’ve all experienced it. Your story has purpose and power… share it!

The world is our canvas to paint the Gospel of Christ in a way that appeals to hungry, hurting hearts. The most loving thing we can ever do is share the Gospel! Through our actions, with our words, by the love we have for one another… that is how others will be drawn to Christ. The Bible says, “Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God… to those who are being saved, we are a life-giving perfume” (2 Cor. 2:15-16).

Friends, everything hinges on the GRACE of God- evangelism is no exception! His grace is one thing that every person, from every nation and tongue, so desperately needs. T.L. Osborn said it well: “One way: Jesus! One job: Evangelism!” Amen and amen! Every individual is going one of two places to spend eternity. Billions of lives worldwide are hanging in the balance. Now is the time to make disciples!

Fellow partners, may we be found faithful to practice and proclaim the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ until every soul has had an opportunity to receive the gift of His perfect, matchless grace.

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Mike has had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with millions of people in at least 35 countries of the world. In addition to his evangelistic festivals, Mike has been a featured speaker at numerous high-profile conferences, Ivy league and college campuses, and the largest men's events and music festivals in the nation. Silva says of himself, "If God can use me, He can use anyone!" After losing his father in a tragic car accident when Mike was only six years old, he found the forgiveness and comfort he longed for when he accepted Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 10. By the time he was 19, the Lord had clearly called him to do the work of evangelism. After graduating from International Bible College and Graduate School of Theology in Honolulu, HI, he spent 15 years serving in several different areas of ministry as a church pastor, a missionary in Brazil, and a national director of evangelism. Mike's clear calling for evangelism ultimately led to the launch of Mike Silva Evangelism International in 1994. The Lord has gifted Mike with divine passion and incredible opportunities to bring Jesus' hope to desperate souls in the hidden corners of the world. "We are driven," Silva says, "To reach the forgotten cities of the world."
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