Help Your Board Evaluate Their Effectiveness

High performing boards understand the importance of annually conducting a performance evaluation. Boards need to examine their strengths and weaknesses regarding their key areas of responsibility.

How can the board’s performance be improved?  Is the board intentional in getting the right people to serve on the board? Do all board members have a shared understanding of their role?  Do they provide spiritual insight?

How is the board performing in strategic planning, fundraising, and fiscal oversight?  Are board decisions driven by the mission? Are meetings effective and efficiently run? Do meetings allow time for critical thinking and prayer? Does the board support the CEO/evangelist?

To help your board assess their performance GNE has created a survey tool for our members.  The survey asks board members to answer 10 questions with a score of poor to excellent.  It then generates a weighted average for the board’s responses.  The questions also allow optional room for comments.

The results reveal where the board feels they are performing well and where they need to improve.  The survey can take as little as 5 minutes to complete.

You can access this tool and use it with your board by emailing gne@palau.org. We will send you a customized link for you to use and will provide you with survey results once they are complete.


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