The Gospel and the Invitation in Today's World

Is the Gospel still relevant to today’s culture? Do we still offer an invitation in a passive society? Join a dialogue with Scott Dawson as we unpack the role of the evangelist in presenting the Gospel and giving an invitation.

Beyond the Event: Engaging The Gospel Everyday

Join Sarah LeBlanc to take a look at evangelism trends impacting female evangelists today. You’ll walk away with tools to both personally and corporately mobilize women to be eyes wide open ambassadors of the Gospel every day, resulting in quick multiplication of women partnering in transformational outreach events, churches, and neighborhoods.

Revival and the Evangelist: Why the Coming Revival Needs Strong Evangelists

There is a new move of God in our time and many believe it is the beginning of revival and awakening. Throughout history, God has used revival to turn the tide of evil and usher in new Kingdom fruit. At the center of revival is a relationship between prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel. Listen to York Moore share why revival leadership in the coming years will require strong evangelists who understand their calling and see how they can lead during times of revival and awakening.

Children Matter

We believe that the next generation—the children being raised right now—can change the world. They matter—to God, to you, and to us. Children are wide open to the good news of Jesus, who said “let the children come to me.” Parents have the privilege of leading their children to the Lord, and then modeling for them what it looks like to live as a disciple of Jesus. Listen to Phil Comer share why it’s time to re-think and re-focus on Children’s Evangelism.

Sustainable Ministry: Maximize your Lifetime Impact and Avoid

Burnout by Building Sustainable Ministry Practices
Many of us feel on the edge of burnout or perhaps even over the edge. Statistics say this is a common problem, and most of us know pastors, missionaries, or evangelists who have burnt out due to unsustainable behaviors and practices. In “Sustainable Ministry,” listen to Rick Coulson explore how to combat the false thinking, attitudes, and physical habits that lead to burnout and replace them with those that lead to maximum impact over a lifetime.

Better Together: Mastering Collaboration

We have all heard the saying that, “Many Hands Make Light Work.” When we band together we can create solutions for real social change, both locally and globally. Why working as a body, utilizing existing community assets, and celebrating our God-given diversity should be the new now.

Why The Local Church Needs Action Sports Evangelism

Jesus’ words were clear, to follow Him and fish for men. Did He not leave us with the same message? To go? What is amazing all over the world is that many local church pastors ask how to get their people out of their seats and into the streets. Action Sports evangelism is one answer! Listen to Brian Sumner share how we need to begin to view church as a family, making use of all the gifts God has brought through your doors, including the athletes.