Meet our new team member

Karen Kandia is our new GNE Administrative and Communications Coordinator. She currently lives and works from Nairobi, Kenya. Karen provides administrative and communications support, event planning and operations support, and membership administration to the GNE team. Before joining the Luis Palau Association, Karen worked as a digital strategist and built her career around communications, digital marketing, and content management.

In addition to working at the LPA, Karen offers her time to prison ministry with the Karen Vineyard Church. She is also a conservation and sustainable development enthusiast. Karen has spoken at conferences in Kenya and Uganda on topics ranging from waste management to creating online income streams. Her other interests include lettering, learning about other cultures, and creating and viewing art. Talk to her about anything C.S. Lewis and see her eyes light up.

Karen is happiest with a good book, great conversation, or spending time with her husband Dennis raising their two children Theo and Thalia.

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