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Mark Young

Missionaries and Servants of Yahweh Ministries

Mark Young, son of the late pastor Willie Lee Young, Sr. and Martishia Young, granddaughter of the late church planter Lila Stewart, are living out the prayers prayed for them many years ago by their parents. Mark and Martishia are the founders of M.A.S.Y. Ministries. They are both evangelists who proclaim the Good News. They have a vision of mobilizing, engaging and developing the next generation of urban youth for evangelistic missions. They both lead a God-fearing life and have a strong servant's heart. God has entrusted them with a wonderful team of strong leaders and servants who are currently serving metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. Mark and Martishia are the lead servants of a non-profit organization with the community in mind. This organization raises funds to feed the homeless, to Adopt A Complex, to help with childhood cancer research, to unify the community, and to proclaim the Gospel. We are reaching the children of God in America, Cuba and Colombia South America for the kingdom.

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