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Jay Lowder

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries

Drawing from personal experience, Jay is committed to reaching those who struggle in everyday life. At a young age, he turned away from God and headed towards a life of destruction, eventually reasoning that his life was no longer worth living. With a pistol at his temple, Jay considered suicide; however, his attempt came to an abrupt halt when his roommate unexpectedly walked through the door. Sensing that God spared his life to fulfill a purpose, Jay's search for truth began. After several months, this search culminated at a Sunday night outreach where he committed his life to Christ. Soon after, he attended a youth event where he witnessed hundreds of teens respond to the call to accept Jesus Christ. It was there that he realized God was calling him to spend the rest of his life proclaiming his personal faith story and helping others find God's purpose for their life. From that point on, Jay began his career in full-time evangelism, joining prominent evangelists as they crossed the country, speaking at church and area-wide conferences, youth camps and rallies. His contemporary style, knowledge of scripture, and passion for stories enable him to connect with adults and students alike.

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