“Great things can be accomplished for the Lord when no one cares who gets the credit”

(Reid Saunders, Evangelists an GNE Council member)



Nanyuki Festival is underway!

We have had incredible ministry this week as teams have been in the prison, schools, and all around the city doing mobile rallies!

The festival kicked off last night with an incredible children’s program, an awe-inspiring BMX display, great music from Cyprès and Kubamba and a message of hope from Desmond Henry!

Overview- Dr Desmond Henry, International Director GNE

The idea of a large campaign in Kenya, East Africa, has been on our hearts since Love Cape Town Cityfest with African Enterprise in South Africa in November 2019. The Palau Association hosted a delegation from Kenya in Cape Town to dream about how the Lord would move as we consider an invitation from the Churches of Nairobi to partner with them in reaching their city. What a mammoth undertaking! In 2020 COVID, along with the Kenyan election in 2022 meant that the earliest time we would be able to host a large campaign would be in September 2023. The seeds were planted for the possibility of partner city outreaches in neighboring cities and our team prayed about where the Lord would lead us.

In 2022, we spent time listening to church leaders in Kenya about where to locate the partner city outreaches and how many cities to host. We work in partnership with local churches and we only go where we are invited! Bryce Kwant, Ed Ramsami, Karen Kandia from our team, joined Benson Omondi and Edward Mungai from African for an action-packed trip visiting all the proposed cities. After this blitz, we prayerfully discerned the Lord leading us to 5 cities which we will seek to saturate with the Gospel in 2023 and beyond. Alongside Andrew Palau’s Love Nairobi campaign, the Global Network of Evangelists is mobilizing evangelists to saturate Nanyuki, Karatina, Embu, M’uranga, and Machakos with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Our mission as the Global Network of Evangelists is to identify, affirm, equip, and mobilize evangelists. We believe and uphold one message—Jesus saves!—while we embrace the many expressions of evangelistic beauty evangelists bring to the table. Our collaborative festivals embrace this approach and seek to showcase the giftedness of the many evangelists who partner in these evangelistic festivals. Whether we’re musicians, DJs, skateboarders, BMS bikers, strong men, mass evangelists, youth workers, street preachers, dancers, or spoken word artists, we all come together because of our shared desire to reach everyone, everywhere with the transformative power of the Gospel. We all believe that Jesus changes lives and that salvation is found in no other name!

Each Outreach will include

  • Pastor Launches
  • Volunteer Rallies
  • Counsellor and evangelism training (Week of festival)

Watch here for updates on dates and locations!

The presence of a strong and vibrant Christian community provides a solid foundation for evangelistic efforts. We serve as catalysts in cities to fuel evangelistic fervor. We partner with the Church to equip God’s people and partner with them to reaching their community for Jesus with friends from around the world.

We inspire, connect, mentor, and fuel pastors, Great Commission Christians, and evangelists by encouraging membership to the global network and by providing tools like the three year Advance Group mentoring guide to support the work of evangelism beyond the evangelistic moment.

God’s church exists for mission as fire for burning. Through our global network we desire to showcase how effective evangelism through collaborative partnership can serve God’s mission, plant more churches, and revitalize Christ’s bride.


Collaborate with us!

Reach out to our team to speak about collaboration and being a partner at a follow up event

Collaboration Toolbox

Check out some highlights from past events!



Festival Launch
  • Nanyuki County – Thursday 9th March 9:00-13:00
  • Karatina County – Friday 10th March 9:00-13:00
Committee Meetings
  • Embu County – 11th March 9am-11am
  • Murang’a County – 11th March 14:00-16:00


Festival Training
  • Nanyuki County – Thursday 20th April 9:00-13:00
  • Karatina County – Friday 21st April 9:00-13:00
Committee Meetings
  •  Machakos – Saturday 22nd April 9:00-11:00


1st Collaborative Event 22nd May – 5th June
  • First County
    • Nanyuki 24th– 28th May
  • Second County
    • Karatina 31st May-4th June
Festival Launch
  • Murang’a County – Saturday 27th May 10:00-14:00
  • Embu County – Saturday 3rd June 10:00-14:00


Festival Launch
  •  Machakos County – Friday 16th June 09:00-13:00
Festival Training
  • Embu County –Saturday 17th June 9:00-12:00
  • Murang’a County – Saturday 17th June 15:00- 18:00


2nd Collaborative Event 23rd July – 7th Aug
  • First County
    • Embu County – 26th – 30th July
  • Second County
    • Murang’a County – 2nd Aug – 6th Aug
Festival Training
  • Machakos County – Saturday 5th Aug 09:00-13:00


Final Preparations


3rd Collaborative Event 3rd Sept – 10th Sept

  • Machakos

Luis Palau Association Love Nairobi Festival 15th-17th Sept


We are partnering with 1000+ churches in five towns/ cities outside of Nairobi to host large scale evangelistic campaigns that will saturate each place with the Good News, in partnership with the churches. These events will culminate in a Palau Festival in Nairobi held in September 2023. We are hosting an evangelistic festival each month from May through September in neighboring cities as we extend the impact and reach while working with many other evangelists and organizations who are partnering in (scroll down to see a list of our collaborating partners). Here is a little bit of information on each mission from May to September:

Nanyuki: 23-28 May 2023

Gateway city to Mount Kenya we aim to reach out to 150,000 people in this district through schools, marketplace and 4 days of festivals.

Evangelists and partners:

PJ Meduri, Paul Durham, Kubamba, African Enterprise, Josh Brewer, Jon Setzer, Cyprés, The Message Trust School of Evangelism, the churches of Nanyuki, The Message Trust, Advance, Phyllis Mbuthia, Solomon Mkubwa, DJ Moz

Karatina: 30 May - 5 June 2023

Located in Nyeri county where we aim to reach out to over 100,000 people.

4 days of festivals.

Evangelists and partners:

Paul Durham, Alan Greene, Roelof Kwant, Cyprés, Kubamba, The Barn Church (team of 5), African Enterprise, the churches of Karatina, The Message Trust, Advance, Phyllis Mbuthia, DJ Moz

Embu: 25-30 July 2023

Provincial Capital of the Eastern province where we aim to reach out to over 150,000 people.

4 days of festivals.

Evangelists and partners:

Daniel King, Alejandro Arias, Pepper Horn, Ben Jack, Kubamba, African Enterprise, the churches of Embu, United Hive, The Message Trust, Advance, Phyllis Mbuthia, DJ Moz

Murang'a: 31 July – 6 August

Home to the Gikuyu tribe we aim to reach out to over 200,000 people.

4 days of festivals.

Evangelists and partners:

Jose Zayas, Daniel King, Ben Jack, Kubamba, Asher Mansha, African Enterprise, the churches of M’uranga. Emerging Evangelist Collective: Tom, Julia Skjerli, David Haugeto, Oksana Bilous, Nick Hurst, Allen Stokes, the churches of Marang’a, The Message Trust, Advance, Phyllis Mbuthia, DJ Moz

Machakos: 5-10 September 2023

Located near Nairobi where we aim to reach out to over 200,000 people.

4 days of festivals.

3/4 evangelists are invited to partner.

Evangelists and partners:

Keith Cook, Mark and Tish Young, Bob Lenz, Pepper Horn, Kubamba, Asher Mansha, African Enterprise, Christafari, Cyprés, the churches of Machakos, Phyllis Mbuthia, DJ Moz


Desmond Henry International Director

Bryce Kwant Director of Ministry and Collaborative Action

Karen Kandia GNE Communications Coordinator

Heather Zimny GNE Strategic Initiatives Manager

Allan Njeru Project Manager

Lindsey Hendersen GNE Ministry Assistant

Alan Greene GNE Member Care



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