Impact Report 2023

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, we are thrilled to see how God has been working through us. This report encapsulates the collective efforts, dedication, and resilience of our members, partnering organizations, partnering churches, and the GNE team in driving positive change and making a lasting impact in our communities through sharing the Gospel.

Your unwavering support, prayers, and commitment have been the cornerstone of our efforts, and we are thrilled to share the profound impact that has been made in communities around the world.

Through your prayers, generosity, and dedication, countless individuals have heard the message of hope, grace, and redemption. We are humbled and overjoyed to report that 31,514 people have found salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Each testimony points to the transformative power of faith, and we are profoundly grateful for the role you played in making these life-changing moments possible.

Love Kenya Festivals 2023

Dubbed the “biggest collaborative effort in GNE’s 25 years as a network”, the Love Kenya Festivals spearheaded by GNE in partnership with Kubamba brought together more than 80 individuals and their representative ministries to 5 towns in the East African country of Kenya. GNE Global Director, Desmond Henry, had a few words to share about Love Kenya: “We want to take this moment to celebrate the incredible impact we’ve collectively achieved during the Love Kenya campaign. This text serves as both a reflection on our remarkable journey and a testament to the powerful work of the Gospel. The Love Kenya campaign has been a labor of love, and your dedication and unwavering prayers have been instrumental throughout this endeavor. As we close this chapter, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by a mix of emotions. Words, as powerful as they can be, sometimes fall short in describing the profound influence that the Love Kenya campaign has had. We’ve witnessed lives transformed, cities inspired, and countless individuals touched by the message of hope and salvation. From the schoolyards to the bustling streets, from heartfelt conversations to powerful stage presentations, from the confines of prison cells to the vibrant marketplace, and from intimate business leader dinners to engaging student forums, we’ve seen the Gospel permeate every facet. The name of Jesus was exalted, and the impact was nothing short of miraculous.”

Read the Love Kenya Report here.

Throughout the campaign, we reached an astounding 224,197 people in person. Among them, 28,505 individuals made first-time decisions to follow Christ, and many more rededicated their lives to Him.


Advance training sessions took place in various African countries, organized by GNE’s Francophone Coordinator. From Cote d’Ivoire to the Democratic Republic of Congo, from Senegal to Sierra Leone, from Benin to Burkina Faso, Advance groups met online and in-person. Similarly, a number of Advance trainings were also held in several Eastern European countries. “Evangelists equipping evangelists” comes alive within these groups as they go through the Advance Mentoring Guide (the 3-year guide is now out). ‘Introducing Advance’ sessions are similarly held wherever GNE has an event and we are proud to be partners with The Message Trust in advancing evangelism knowledge using this powerful tool.

Ready to launch!

2023 also saw the launches of key groups of evangelists under the banner of GNE. In January, the launch of the Association of South African Evangelists took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are grateful to Christ for All Nations (CFAN), Every Nation Ministries, Jesus is Alive Ministries, In His Name Ministry, and African Enterprise South Africa for holding hands with us and being instrumental in the formation of the association. The Evangelism Conference later held in Durban in June brought together all streams of evangelism. The team hosted a 10-day school of evangelism – equipping 35 students in depth and 15 young people said yes to Jesus!

In February, the team headed out to Karachi, Pakistan for the launch of GNE Pakistan. Over 300 church leaders, key pastors and evangelists who are passionate about the Great Commission came together to attend and support the launch.

During the spring, we celebrated the launch of Nueva Generación de Evangelistas (NGE) Costa Rica! In all, 250 people were trained in their calling to make disciples of Jesus worldwide. NGE is dedicated to equipping evangelists to perform the task of fulfilling the Great Commission more effectively and efficiently, in Latin America and beyond.

Truly Global

Amsterdam 2023 hosted by the Empowered21 movement was a 3-day conference that brought together over 5000 evangelists from 150 nations. The purpose was to inspire, equip and send evangelists and Great Commission Christians into the world to reach everyone over the next 10 years. GNE and its affiliate members ran workshops, and LPA team members ran workshops and participated in panels. During GNE’s time at the Love Kenya Festivals, we got the opportunity to extend an invitation to the first lady of Kenya, her excellency Mrs. Rachel Ruto, and we were pleased that she honored the invitation. She was part of the conference focused on the next generation. It was a wonderful time of vision planning and visualizing the remaining task of taking Christ to the nations.

Several missions were held throughout Eastern Europe, facilitated by GNE Director for Eastern Europe, Daniel Rus. Kicking off in Moldova, Daniel collaborated with Paul Durham of Ripe 4 Life Ministries. The trip involved meeting with pastors and church leaders, as well as radio interviews on evangelism. The following month saw 100 documented decisions for Christ in the GNE Romania mission with member Jose Zayas. The HeartBeats Festival in Romania was a celebration of faith and music, and we were glad to have some members of our team representing GNE in Cluj-Napoca. There were 3 evangelistic events held in Ukraine at the front lines of the war with Russia and 600 people attended. The team also had the opportunity to pray with some of the soldiers as they distributed diesel generators and trauma medical kits. Praise the Lord! Eastern Europe was truly a hub for evangelistic campaigns, with a citywide effort held in Constanta, Romania and a conference held in Cahul, Moldova. In Cahul, 250 surrendered their lives to Jesus.

The Eastern European expansion tour officially started off in Bucharest towards the end of 2023. The aim? To elevate evangelism among the churches and explore ways GNE/LPA can add fuel to the fire of evangelism in the region. Desmond Henry (International Director, GNE), David Plowman (UK/Europe Director, LPA), Justin Bloomfield (GNE/CGM Manager), and Daniel Rus (GNE Eastern European Director) visited 6 countries in 6 days. Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia… revival is here!

In Costa Rica, NGE held a youth event before the Costa Rica Festival with Andrew Palau in March 2023. The connections made during this time would later come to fruition during the launch of NGE Costa Rica. GNE had a year full of activity in the Spanish-speaking world. The team preached in Venezuela and Colombia in May 2023. At the Sincelejo Festival in Colombia, we received 441 responses to the gospel. GNE also held an evangelistic event in Seville, Spain where many received the message of hope.

Several collaborative evangelistic campaigns took place in other cities all over the world. As a precursor to our efforts in Zambia in 2024, and more importantly in collaboration with our good friends and GNE members Mark and Tish of MASY Ministries, we sponsored the Chawama Gospel Crusade in Zambia. In the Philippines, we partnered with the Reid Saunders Association (RSA) and did evangelism training, held a youth rally, and an Advance gathering at LifeFest 2023. In Romania, GNE collaborated with member Fane Conant to plan and execute a successful evangelistic event in Vaslui. As part of On The Go’s collaborative event, we partnered with Keith Cook and his team for Asia Mission in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. This massive collab effort brought together an incredible team, including 4 GNE counsel members who did prison ministry and preached during the festival nights at the International Gospel Music Festival (IGMF).

Preaching in Bogota, Colombia

In true ‘One Message, Many Expressions’ fashion, GNE sponsored a skate outreach event in Naugatuck, Connecticut. We are committed to supporting members and ministries that express gospel proclamation in different and vibrant ways. We also had representation at the ThinQ NxtGen Summit in Nashville, where we held a workshop on Creating Communities of Collaboration. The next generation is at the heart of what we do and equipping them to fulfill the Great Commission is what we are passionate about. One way we go about equipping the evangelists we raise up is through coaching. Dave Jones, who has been at LPA for 45 years and is a cherished staff member at GNE, shares his invaluable knowledge through coaching. In Minneapolis, he coached the staffs of several GNE members in that area. He also coaches members of GNE’s young evangelist collective, a collective of up and coming evangelists who are dedicating all their effort towards growing their ministries and impacting their generation with the gospel.

As we look towards the future, and where God is leading us in 2024 and beyond, we cannot help but look back in our rearview mirror and offer our praise to the Most High. Every partnership, every connection, and every opportunity was divinely orchestrated. What more can we do than follow His lead in obedience – all for His glory. May God continue to use GNE in even bigger ways in 2024. Here’s to the next 25 years!