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Building and Growing a Team or Organization
Facing, Embracing, and Overcoming the Challenges

This webinar will focus on an internal approach (based on self-discovery, awareness of others, and being able to adapt to needs). Bill will cover the mindset (focusing on people and performance) and action needed to face, embrace, and overcome the challenges an evangelist leader faces in growing a team and/or organization, pushing past comfort zones, and what it takes to connect, equip, empower and engage internal and external stakeholders toward goal attainment.

Meet Bill Ciberay

(President @ZiLeZa Consulting)

Bill Ciberay is a well-regarded strategic and organizational coach & consultant in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. With a background in strategic, organizational leadership and management, team development, and executive coaching, he looks to innovate, empower, and advance leadership at all levels of an organization. Bill helps leaders, teams, and organizations move from states of “divergence” to “convergence” by helping them strive towards organizational health and optimum performance, while charting a clear course for scalable growth and maximum competitive advantage. In addition to achieving dual M.A. Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Management Bill is a certified Strategic, Agile, Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) Coach and Consultant from The Rubi Ho Group. What sets Bill apart from others are the values he possesses as a Christian servant leader. Integrity engages and empowers, not only himself, but those Bill has had the privilege to work with and served alongside.

Bill Ciberay


November 7, 2019
10:00am - 11:00am PST
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Zoom webinar


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