COVID-19 Encouragement and Resources


You may be feeling anxious or fearful in these uncertain times. Luis Palau shares a few words of encouragement from Scripture to ground you, give you peace, and give you hope. The Lord is our shield. He is our refuge in times of trouble (2 Samuel 22:31).


We are better together. If you have events that you would like to collaborate on, you can post them on our member forum, submit your event here, or email Alan Greene with your interest or a list of potential collaboration projects.

How can we pray for you?

We would love to know how we can pray specifically for you and your ministry, especially during this unsettling season. Please share your requests and our staff will pray for you.

Encouragement for the Discouraged Evangelist

We’ve all been there—on our knees before the Lord, questioning our call as an evangelist. The funds are tight, our board is frustrating us, and the opportunities for ministry seem scarce. Have you been there? Are you there now? When I am discouraged as an evangelist, I always look to God’s Word for encouragement and […]

Encouragement when you feel like quitting!

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash We don’t quit, but sometimes we want to Faithfulness is a key in ministry. Quite frankly, there have been multiple seasons and reasons I have felt like quitting. Whether it be because of financial strain, fatigue, frustration with logistics, loneliness when leaving my family, or general disappointment and discouragement [...]

Remaining in the Race when Times get Tough

Remaining in the Race when Times get Tough. As an evangelist, you may love what you do…and be very good at it. But life can throw you some curve balls. Opposition, financial woes, poor health, broken relationships and more can make you feel like giving up. Authentic, transparent, personal stories from a veteran evangelist to encourage you. You can land on your feet and stay in the race when life goes haywire.

Evangelism in the Covid-19 Era

Emmanuel Kwizera re-thinks Evangelism Strategy amidst Covid-19 and Beyond with a focus on Home Based Evangelism (HBE).

Staying the Course Over the Long Haul

Luis Palau has remarked that most evangelists tap out after 5 years. Leadership guru Bobby Clinton claims that less than 20% of Christian leaders finish well. How can we as evangelists stay the course over the long haul? How do we navigate the inevitable challenges  across a ministry marathon and stay spiritually fresh? Bill Hogg […]

Luis Palau Looking Forward to 2020

Annual address from Luis Palau

Crossroads Conversations with Shaila Visser

We find ourselves at a crossroads in so many areas at this moment in history. How do we share the Good News in new and creative ways in this time? Shaila Visser is known for her strategic leadership and ability to bring people together. Join us for a conversation about evangelism and explore how every […]

The Secret to Reaching Gen Z

To be effective evangelists, we need to remember the majority of Christians report coming to faith before the age of 30. This means next generation ministry is truly the front line of evangelistic efforts. Shane Pruitt shares some very important things to remember as we interact with Gen Z.

#Reimagine Romans 12:2

Author’s Note: The impetus of my story below took place last year… but the global COVID-19 has provoked an even greater urgency in my mind and heart. My prayer is that as you read my story, the Holy Spirit will launch you onto a reimagine-journey that will influence your thinking in a way that will […]

The Prayer Request of Christ

Imagine being at a Christian gathering where Jesus was physically present. When those in attendance are asked to share their prayer needs, the Lord immediately raises His hand. I’m sure that everyone present would find some way to write down Christ’s prayer request. Fortunately, His request (actually His command) has already been recorded. Twice, in […]

Crossroads Conversations

With Sean McDowell We find ourselves at a crossroads in so many areas at this moment in history. What is the most impactful way to mentor emerging leaders? What does evangelism mean to the younger generations? Join Sean McDowell for a lively and engaging conversation about the times we are living in.

Are We There Yet?

I did it as a kid. You probably did too. My kids did it, and if you have kids, I guess yours probably did too. Ask that inevitable question on a long car journey or flight: Are we there yet? How long will it be until we get there? Long car journeys were never fun […]


“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7 (ESV ) Rather often, we hear the word “footprint” today. Typically, a footprint is a marked effect, impression, impact, an […]

Don’t Just Live the Gospel – Preach it!

I’m sure you’ve heard this inaccurate quote of Francis of Assisi; ‘Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.’ Living the gospel instead of preaching it is neither helpful nor Biblical. Join Micah Fries as he explores the ways we can encourage every believer to creatively share the Gospel in this season.

When You Fall Short of Expectations

“You’re going to be the next Billy Graham!” How many of you have heard someone tell you that? Maybe it wasn’t exactly that, but you had a very high expectation of some sort that was placed on you. Talk about pressure. Then, someone else responds with, “There will never be another Billy Graham, just be […]

Reaching Digital Natives

In this Webinar, Ed Ramsami, with Youth For Christ South Africa, will help you understand the times we are living in and what paradigms have shifted. You’ll be equipped to lead digital natives and help them navigate this changing season and learn new skills they need to make their faith living and active. Drawing from […]

The COVID-19 Invitation

Who Do You Want to Be When It’s Over? We don’t want to ignore the real suffering of this current health crisis. For some, the COVID-19 crisis has immediate implications on their finances, their health, family dynamics and, for sure, their social dynamics. Evangelists are no exception. Evangelists, however, are innovators, finding the silver lining […]

Is This the Beginning of Birth Pains?

In March Evangelical leader and church consultant Ed Stetzer released a clarion call to pastors across North America to move from our legitimate concerns about church meetings and money (i.e. Phase One of the COVID-19 crisis) to Phase Two which is planning to serve our communities when COVID-19 infections and death rates really hit us. […]

How can we pray for you?

Please let us know how we can pray for you by posting requests on our member forum, joining our prayer call, or by filling out a confidential form.

If you’re in an Advance Group, we encourage you to keep meeting. With the available technology (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, What’sApp, etc.), you can continue meeting and follow the government’s instructions on social distancing and to stay-at-home.

Advance Groups has added a bonus section to address how we can respond to an ongoing crisis.

If you would like other ideas for keeping your group connected, please email Mark Slaughter or Alison Druckemiller. We want to support you in any way we can.


When COVID-19 first hit, none of us knew exactly how much it would impact our daily lives. Little did we know how significantly it would impact our plans for ministry as well. And yet now, as if overnight, we are all learning a new way of life and ministry.

As an organization, we have not been immune to the effects of this pandemic. We have offices and staff strategically located throughout the world who have been working on citywide evangelistic campaigns – all of which are now on hold until we know that we can accomplish these festivals safely and effectively.

In the meantime, much of our work continues as planned, and even some efforts have grown during these unique times. These include our efforts with City Gospel Movements, Global Network of Evangelists, and our extensive digital evangelism strategies through Hope with God…

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